Guild Wars 2 offers players the chance to vote on the next competitive weapon set

No, you can not vote for Weapony McWeaponface

Things you don't want.

Are you eager to name the new competitive weapon set in Guild Wars 2? Hey, you, wait a minute. The people designing this game have been on the internet for more than five minutes and know full well that opening up the field would lead to a race between the set being named “Weapony McWeaponface,” some hideous dogwhistle name, “Your Mom is Hot Weaponry,” and whatever idiotic meme people are dragging out despite it not actually being funny the first time. (Is it still the “arrow to the knee” bit? The internet is exhausting.) So it’s a vote between four already determined options.

Once you finish scuffing your feet because you can’t propose that the new set is named the Arsenal of Farts, you can cast your vote between the Mist Champion’s set, the Mist Lord’s set, the Gilded set, and the Elegant set. We should note that the only difference is the name, not the design. Head on over if you’ve got strong feelings about what the weapons should be named, even if your joke name ideas are already dead before arrival.

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DargorV .

Say what you will about silly troll names, at least they’re unteresting/original sometimes. Unlike these options.

Anton Mochalin

Naming in GW2 is quite imaginative but these four options are all so uninteresting.


But that hammer looks both gilded and elegant.