10-year-old Runes of Magic’s crafting festival has begun


Runes of Magic had admittedly fallen way off my radar over the last while, right up until our own MMO Cartographer dipped back into the game this past weekend for a check-up. But as it turns out, RoM has been busily updating away in this the year of its 10th anniversary. Most recently – this week, in fact – Runewaker dropped a crafting festival for the denizens of Taborea. Oh yeah, this is my kind of party!

“Every time this season comes around, the craftsmen work tirelessly to show off their crafts in order to fulfill the Craftsman Spirit that has passed down over the years. These craftsmen who are usually busy working are even busier during this time… Many events are waiting for you, come and help the craftsmen and enjoy the festival and the flea market!”

Players should head over to Silverspring and Thunderhoof Hills to start the fun, just note that the reward NPCs are in the capitals. Notably, the latest patch also includes a spate of bug fixes both for the festival and the rest of the game. My favorite? “Fixed the issue, which caused housemaids to gain Fatigue, even when the backpack of the adventurer is full and nothing was produced.” Big mood.

Source: Patch notes
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LOL.. looking at this picture.. it looks like there is a town bustling with living people right in the middle of Eastern Plaguelands or whatever…

But no reason to play this WoW clone when Classic WoW is right around the corner.


Played this for a while, but the requirement to buy cash shop mats kind of killed it for me.