APB Reloaded invites players to come and shoot the developers for Independence Day

You look develop-y.

Do you think you’re better at playing APB Reloaded than the developers? Do you want to celebrate July 4th by proving it? Do you not care if that situation is a bit on the unfair side? Then you’re in luck because the development team is asking players to do precisely that with the new Firecrack’en event. Players will be able to join special fights with the developers at 2:00 p.m. EDT and 7:00 p.m. EDT on the holiday, with a special award for anyone who downs a developer.

This might not sound like a big ask until you learn that the developers will all have the advantage of several development augmentations, which means that they’ll be much harder to actually shoot down if they actually stop moving for you long enough to try. They might shoot back, or they might just keep running in circles. So it’s a playful chance to take on the team with development tools enabled, and if you get one down, you get a special title. Sounds like a good time for the holiday.