Bless Unleashed explains the lore of the Dreamscale Ruins

But THIS time it'll work.

One of the first rules about fighting any sort of trickster god is to be really sure that it’s dead before you walk away. That’s what led to all of the problems in Bless Unleashed’s Dreamscale Ruins, since when the black serpent Kuat Ran rebelled and was ultimately vanquished by the white dragon Iriaphos (side note: probably don’t let anyone named “the black serpent” into your deity lineup in the first place) it turns out he was just faking his death.

So for a very long time (at least three weeks) Kuat Ran has been existing without a physical body, nourished by the reverence of his Saurin disciples and also any kills they happened to rack up. Thus, wouldn’t you know it, players are going to have to go into the Dreamscale Ruins and deal with the nascent reforming deity before he actually finishes coming back. All of this could have been solved if people realized that trickster gods tend to fake things. That’s what they’re called, people!


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Ben Stone

The trickster god keeps re-releasing this game and tricking people into buying it.


There is lore in Korean games. Bless online is not a game though, it’s a scammy piece of trash that keeps closing and re-releasing under a slighty different name. I don’t get why you still write articles about it, just boycott them, there is nothing to write about anyway.


There is lore in Korean mmopvp games. Once upon a time in the cash shop……


The words “lore” and “Asian MMO” can’t exist together in the same sentence.