Pagan Online has big plans for its early access development this summer

Pagan-tastic, I guess.

OARPG fans have been keeping a keen eye on Pagan Online since its official announcement last year. Developed by Mad Head Games and Wargaming, it’s an “intense action RPG” with a “pre-Christian mythology” setting and MOBA inspirations. Last week, the studios announced their roadmap for the game as it approaches its formal release. Specifically, the developers write that they’re planning to buff Legendaries, make drops more meaningful, rebalance the crafting system, adding a new skill and stat system, and allowing players to test heroes before they unlock them. The game will also finally get its complete story with eight arcs, its endgame progression system, new playable toons, and better controls.

“All of these changes will be delivered by the end of summer via three BFPs (big f**king patches), the last of which will also push us from Early Access into the big bad world of Full Release,” the devs say. “The roadmap shows the order in which the changes will come. They are pretty huge changes though, so some items may very well jump from one BFP to another but rest assured that all of them will be delivered by the end of summer one way or the other and WILL be present in the release version of the game.”

Massively OP’s Not So Massively columnist Tyler Edwards took a dip into the game’s early access this spring, finding it polished and fun and problematic only in its unlock system. “If that issue can be sorted, this will be a game I’d be happy to give my unvarnished recommendation to,” he wrote. “Unlock mechanics aside, Pagan Online is pretty dang fun.”

Source: Steam via MMORPG
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