Path of Exile recaps the stats on challenge progression in the Legion league


Do you like statistics? Path of Exile has some statistics for you. Yes, players have been enjoying the latest league in the game for long enough that it’s time to start unpacking the numbers on how many people are making it through the Legion league, and this time it’s all about how many people are clearing their way through challenges, complete with a frustrating lack of labels on the Y-axis. Come on, guys, give us our labels.

There are also counts on how many players have opened up the Domain of Timeless Conflict with various factions, with some combinations actually having fewer players unlocking the content than the count with all five factions. Fewer than a thousand people, for example, have unlocked it with Maraketh and Templar, or Maraketh and Eternal, or Maraketh and Vaal. (Gosh, it’s not popular with Maraketh.) Check out the whole set of stats on the official site if you dig on numbers.

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