Roblox’s latest transmedia synergy event is with… Stranger Things


If you had “transmedia synergy” on your MMO bingo card, you’re going to be happy about this post right here. Roblox is apparently leaping back into the cross-promotion fun with a Stranger Things event ahead of the release of the popular show’s season 3 rollout on the July 4th.

“Starting July 1 and leading up to the premiere of Stranger Things 3 on July 4, Roblox players can earn limited-edition virtual items by solving riddles and puzzles. In addition, players can take advantage of free, limited-time virtual items for their avatar, including the iconic Scoops Ahoy hat and the Demogorgon mask.”

Apparently you can grab the first two themed items for free right now, but expect more items unlocked across social media as players are “solving daily riddles and puzzles, with a new clue each day leading up to the show’s premiere on July 4, 2019.”

Source: Press release, official site


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