WoW Classic’s closed beta will end with an in-game event in July 12

Very mature.

World of Warcraft Classic beta testers, do you think, after your 17000+ bug reports, that the game is ready to finish up its fixes and move into its next phase? Blizzard does. In today’s beta update, the company says the current leg of closed beta will draw to a close on July 12th, when Blizz will swap over to shift its focus back to stress testing.

“Internally, we’re working through the aforementioned bug fixes, testing the high-level zones such as Eastern Plaguelands, and doing our raid testing,” the company writes. “We’ll make sure Ragnaros and Onyxia are ready to go. As for what’s next, the final stress test is now coming up on July 25-26 (we’ve changed this date since we first announced it). During that global test, we will roll out our multi-region hardware in preparation for the worldwide release of WoW Classic. In addition to getting many more testers to play through the initial leveling experiences, it will be a test of the fixes and tweaks that we’ve made and are making to the game.”

Blizz also notes that the closed beta will see a “small in-game event” on July 12th as a capstone for the test period.


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It was sort of a semi-closed beta with the sub barrier in place. Pservers are still holding onto their current crop of players awaiting Classic with a new insurgence of those wanting to “test” Classic without paying yet. Several servers plan on shutting down for Classic. A huge influx of players will hit Classic on release along with those tiring of the latest retail Wow patch.

Should be fun. I’m not saying it’s the next best thing. It’s just finally a home for a great many who love the game.

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Dang. I’ll miss it.. it’s been my main MMO since Beta began. I guess that I won’t bother to grind for my warrior weapon.


Probably ok anyway if there was not going to be a level cap bump to 50 or 60. Population has pretty much hit Lvl 40 now and just a few alts were being created.

Give plenty time to rebuild anticipation for the real deal. :)