Ship of Heroes celebrates Independence Day with a new auction hall video


You folks wanna know how hard the Ship of Heroes people are working? They put out a new video on the Fourth of July. On a day we barely get any PR at all. And it’s not just a puff piece, either; it covers the superhero MMO’s auction hall, so you know I just had to write this up straightaway, as the devs have shown that selling and buying works, as does searching, with much more to come.

“Trading with other players can really add to a well-made MMO. In the long run, we plan to have complete harvesting and crafting options for players, but these elements will be optional in Ship of Heroes, rather than required to progress,” Heroic Games writes. “Making crafting optional means we need robust trading options for players so they can buy what they need, either from those who wish to focus on crafting or from NPCs, instead of forcing every player to be a crafter. Now we’ve demonstrated two of these options – trading with NPC vendors in the city, particularly for premade augmentations, and trading with other players through the auction house for crafted augmentations. Of course, other kinds of items will also be available for buying and selling, including infusions.”

Also worth keeping an eye out for in the video are the improved ambient lights at night and polish on the auction house area itself.

Source: Official site, press release

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Definitely getting this.

Those screens gave me a bit of an AO vibe? and no that’s not a bad thing at all. I dunno CoH once again didn’t really click for me, i’m more of a traditional mmorpg kinda player i guess. Haven’t uninstalled it and had a great time for a month or so, not saying i’ll never play it again, and maybe it’s because i’ve never really been into super heroes.

With all that said, i’m still really looking forward to this.

Hikari Kenzaki

From Fish and Chips to auctioneers. Way to go Ivar’s :)

Kickstarter Donor
Brazen Bondar

The city is looking much more vibrant now. Wonder what was downstairs in the AH…..


It does NOT involve a Nemesis plot.