Final Fantasy XI offers up a new login campaign with a non-functional chest

It's not a costume. They found me inside a meteor.

If you have a deep Pavlovian response to seeing chests in Final Fantasy XI, the marquee reward from the game’s latest login campaign will be sure to enrage you. It’s a chest just sitting there in your house, but you can’t properly open it because it’s a decoration. You want to crack it open and enjoy its marvelous loot, but there isn’t any! It’s a terrible lie. (Play your appropriate Nine Inch Nails soundtrack here, please.)

The login campaign also includes a large selection of mount options, so players who had missed one or several mounts should hop on in to pick some up sooner rather than later. Check out the full listing of rewards before the campaign starts on July 10th; you’ll have until August to pick up the items, so with a reward of 100 points per day you should be able to pick up several of the rewards on offer.

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If Shadowbringers hadn’t just come out, I might’ve tried to get a couple friends to try FFXI in time for this campaign. But I kind of doubt they would enjoy FFXI anyway. But you never know. It’s worth them getting irritated with me to find out!