Path of Exile fixes a variety of bugs to avoid crashes and other issues


Sometimes the smallest seeming bugs can have some really big issues. The latest Path of Exile patch, for example, fixes an issue wherein the Mastery of Metal ascendancy passive could cause server issues, which seems like that shouldn’t be even possible. “Congratulations on your new passive, enjoy melting the game servers.” But it wasn’t intended and has been fixed, along with a plethora of other bugs that could cause sever crashes or just impact performance.

So another bug causing monster AI to consume too many server resources? Fixed, along with the linked bug that involved monsters using abilities far more often than intended. There was also a bug allowing you to use the same skill multiple times if you held down a hotkey, which is the sort of balance-breaking bug that really did need addressing. There’s a lot of bugs here that got trimmed up, so take a look at the full set of patch notes if you’re curious about the general improvements to the game.


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They’ve been doing good work squashing these bugs. Took a few weeks but I’m no longer crashing at all.

Now I’m mad though, was kinda burnt out and was going to take a break to spend more time on other games…then I moved around a handful of points losing a bunch of life but giving me a huge damage boost (sup impale, also I guess weird damage calculations where bigger attacks see less proportional damage reduction than smaller attacks) and now I just wanna go around spinning and winning forever.

Got a T3 corruption room up in my temple, now to hope I don’t brick another pair of perfect Facebreakers. Totally expecting to brick them or get something useless like my double +2 to skill gem roll I had on my Khoams boots…gimme +1 to skill gems and vulnerability on hit!