Tree of Savior brings back Rainbow Trek jumping puzzles and gives out free class change vouchers


A new limited time event in Tree of Savior is both letting players experience the game’s jumping puzzles once again and start over with a new class if they so choose. The latest patch update has announced the return of Rainbow Trek and a Start Anew event to let you… well… start anew, I suppose.

Rainbow Trek, the event that lets you complete platforming levels for fabulous prizes, is back in Tree of Savior for all players until Tuesday, July 30th. In addition to goal rewards, players can also find hidden Attribute Points rewards along the path of the event’s levels and trade Rainbow Dust currency for even more goodies.

If you’d rather see what life is like in-game as another class, then the Start Anew event is for you. It’s simply a matter of speaking to an NPC to get a free Stat Reset Potion and Class Change Voucher to let you put on a fancy new class. Better yet, you can get these items once a day every day for the length of the event, which also runs until July 30th.

The update has also offered some free Cubes for Premium players and squashed several of the game’s bugs; details on that are in the patch notes.


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Love, love the picture. That guy’s face is so serious and uncertain. “Am I going to survive the RAINBOW TREK?” Jumping puzzles are real killers.