World of Warcraft hotfixes introduce Battle for Nazjatar improvements, tone epic gems down a notch


Following the launch of World of Warcraft’s major Rise of Azshara content update last week, Blizzard has issued a small series of hotfixes to address an array of bugs as well as a couple of balance issues in the new content. Notably, epic gems that grant a secondary stat will now provide 50 points of that stat rather than the previous 60, as the power differential between rare and epic gems was so great that players would sometimes find it optimal to use a piece of lower item level gear with a gem socket rather than a Titanforged upgrade.

The hotfixes also makes a couple of improvements to the Battle for Nazjatar PvP event, which “should now become active more often, while still ensuring that there are a mix of Horde and Alliance players present.” Moreover, during the Battle for Nazjatar, the faction that controls the most capture points will now earn more victory points, similarly to Arathi Basin and the Battle for Gilneas. And of course, there are a handful of bug fixes for quests, abilities, and the like that should make them more likely to function as intended. You can check out the details of all the hotfixes over in the full announcement on the game’s official site.


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IronSalamander8 .

These hotfixes have really helped Nazjatar. No more ’10 starfish quests’ thankfully. I haven’t touched the battle stuff but they have definitely made Naz much less annoying than it was on day one.

By contrast, Mechagon is actually fun and is one of my favorite, maybe my number one favorite, zone ever in WoW. I got the anti-grave pack recipe off a rare and they aren’t hard to make. which helps as while I’m revered to Rustbolt, I’m not there yet with the Unshackled so can’t fly yet.


I found naz to be a really mundane experience. Mech is cool but I think I’m done with WoW for a bit. Too many grindy gates preventing me from enjoying the game.

Hopefully the team will rediscover the definition of fun because the major problems I have with bfa are still there


I’ve really burnt out on it. I don’t like that rescue Tickle mission at all. And this patch really made me not like to see other players around. The crush of people really brought out the worst of the community.

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I’m so glad that a number of these hotfixes that have made the dailies experience much less of a hassle. Stuff like collecting seaweed or angel scale starfish can still be frustrating, but it’s far better than it used to be.