MMO Week in Review: Help, our staff got eaten by Shadowbringers

The tide breaks.

It would’ve been hard for an MMO to compete with Final Fantasy XIV this week, a game whose brand-new Shadowbringers expansion our columnist described as “horrifying” – and meant it as a compliment. Yes, Shadowbringers launched this week, but it wasn’t alone in newsworthiness; we also got the scoop on Warframe’s next big thing, saw Black Desert begin PS4 preorders, debated WoW Classic, and witnessed justice at work for DDOSers.

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I’ve never much cared about getting a soundtrack to an MMO, that’s more my wife’s angle, but as soon as they release the music for Shadowbringers, its mine.

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Schlag Sweetleaf
“horrifying” – and meant it as a compliment..gif

At the “final boss” of 5.0’s story now and holy hell the last cutscene before that point… And so many moments before that…

It’s a good time when feeling like I’m drowning in lore and am still digesting it all/trying to think about the implications made.

Shadowbringers seriously has been mind blowingly good. I so can’t wait to see how things go down when I get home tonight and likely finish off the 5.0 MSQ. Though I really hope that you-know-who isn’t killed off completely because he’s too good of a villain to get rid of in one expansion’s .0 story.

The FF14 team seriously outdid themselves. This is about as close to being a masterpiece as an MMORPG can likely get, and I’m really curious to see what their plans are for 5.x content.