Bless Unleashed says it fixed 99% of crash bugs ahead of this weekend’s closed beta


Console fans, furbish up your controllers: Bless Unleashed is readying a new round of beta testing for you this weekend. “Our next Closed Beta test starts this Thursday, July 11th at 10:00 AM PDT,” Neowiz announced this morning. “The test will run until 10:00 AM PDT [1 p.m. EDT] on Monday, July 15th. Players may pre-download the beta beginning at 10:00 AM PDT on July 10th.” Previous testers will be welcomed back for this round too.

The studio says it’s implemented changes based on feedback from the previous closed beta test, including optimization improvements for Xbox One and Xbox One S, improved network code, a buffed-up prologue chapter, out-of-combat sprinting and in-combat dashing, combat lock-on, better class combos, and the resolution of 99% of crash bugs. “Please note that as this is a beta, new or different crash bugs may be present,” the dev blurb says. Naturally.

Wondering about the PC Bless Online? Neowiz announced the sunset for the game a month ago; it’s still slated to close in September. But it’s gotten a few minor patches since that announcement anyway, including new costumes.


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“It will be different this time, after all another studio created this game.”


Matt Genaro



Nothing like selling new costumes on a game closing in a month. I hope the people on xbox don’t buy into this pos company. I was banned on Steam for telling the truth about this crap and here we are today.