Dual Universe is on-track for Alpha 2 on July 11

Industry plunk.

The latest video for Dual Universe should be good news for anyone eagerly anticipating the game’s second alpha test because it confirms that the team is in a good state that the test should be arriving on July 11th as planned. That’s just three days away, and once it arrives players will be able to take part in the glory of industry, which is one of the central improvements for this update. The video explains the industry system extensively, a series of linked inputs and outputs allowing for crafters to build factories for other players to use to build other things.

There are other improvements for the game as well, of course; the game’s water rendering has been significantly improved, for example, and the existing clouds of the game have been replaced with volumetric clouds to make you feel even more immersed in… well, the presence of clouds. Check out the video just below for the overview of what to expect on the 11th.

Source: YouTube
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