Sea of Thieves plans an Adventure update for later this month

To Candy Mountain!

Do you want to go on an adventure in Sea of Thieves? Because there’s a new update coming to the game’s Adventure mode on July 17th dubbed Black Powder Stashes, although the details on exactly how the event is going to work remain shrouded in mystery, like… some classic pirate mystery, probably. It’s explained in the latest development update, which also acknowledges that the team needs to do a better job of communicating what the plans are for Adventure and what updates players can look forward to.

The developers are also working on developing more play in Arena, complete with dubloons awarded to Insiders who tested out changes in the mode this past weekend. (If you’re nonplussed due to a lack of things to spend dubloons on, comments on Reddit imply that this is also being worked on.) Expect more tests along those lines in the future, and you can check out the whole video just below.

Source: YouTube, Reddit
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