Star Citizen Live goes all in on piloting, outfitting, and landing internet spaceships in a Q&A


At it’s very core, Star Citizen is all about the spaceships. It’s the closest to being like Top Gear for fake vehicles. It’s practically internet spaceship pornography. Naturally, questions about said spaceships are foremost in the mind of players of the developing title, and the devs took some time to answer a number of those last week.

In an hour-long marathon of a Q&A session, Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe and Gameplay Programmer David Colson talked about a variety of matters surrounding Star Citizen’s most important pieces of hardware, from hover mode control to armor to weapons range among other topics.

Of particular note is the fact that the team is working on improvements to hover mode to make landing in hangars and maneuvering in tight spaces easier, with plans to introduce some form of UI element that will help guide players to the ground. There are also plans to introduce a toggle for hover mode, though there are some things that need to be designed around and exploits to be considered. The team is also working on making ship armor operate differently so that a player’s sidearm can’t actually do noticeable damage to a capital ship like it can now with the way ship armor works.

As mentioned before, it’s an hour’s worth of information, so make sure you’ve got some time set aside to soak in all of the details, or have a look at this rather handy summary of the Q&A if you’re in a rush.

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