Fortnite’s latest patch gives you an air strike in a can

No, this isn't it.

You shouldn’t have to be satisfied with just tossing a grenade into an enemy fortification in Fortnite. No, you should take things to the next level with the new Air Strike item, which is thrown like a grenade and calls down a barrage of projectiles from above to pummel everything on the ground. It’s quite literally like having an air strike in a can, only… more than that. If you wish, you may quietly wave to the vanishing airplane after it blows things up, a single tear in the corner of your eye before someone else shoots you.

The latest update also brings with it a high-explosive limited-time mode, in which all of your options for weaponry makes a really big boom. There are also new galleries available in the game’s Creative mode and a new mode for players to challenge in Save the World. But none of that can be stuffed into a metal cylinder and lobbed at your opponents.

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Schlag Sweetleaf
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