Guild Wars 2 brings back the World Boss Rush and a Halloween in July sale


There’s no big patch in Guild Wars 2 today, but it looks as if ArenaNet has its eye on an event starting next week, as it’s bringing back the World Boss Rush promotion, though this version will apparently be a bit different thanks to feedback on the last one. From July 16th to 23rd, GW2 players will run around the world taking down bosses to progress the overall community goal and picking up loot accordingly (and the loot tiers look a little more rewarding this time).

Incidentally, there’s a bit of a perk-up in the cash shop this week, as the studio has not only added a new glider that is also a chair (what) but unleashed Mad King Thorn buyables for a Halloween-in-July sale – I poked my head in and see several Halloween outfits up there and at 20% to boot. Apparently more will be available over the course of the week, presumably even the Mad Realm mounts featured in the promo.

Want a little more Guild Wars 2 in your Tuesday? MOP Flameseeker Chronicles columnist Colin Henry penned a piece this morning on problems with the game’s living world – and more helpfully, how to fix ’em.

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I have to say, the chair/glider combo is pretty fun. You can call up your chair, then move around on it– unlike other chairs in which you just sit.

I can’t say I’m excited about another world boss event, though. >_>

Kickstarter Donor

Damnit, why couldn’t it be one week later when I have a few days off of work!

Oh well, missed the last one when my GPU died on me so at least I’ll be able to try this one out. The rewards look like gobbletygook to me since I don’t know what the crafting mats even are anymore, but hey I WILL TAKE SOME EXTRA FREE STUFF FOR DOING THINGS I WAS ALREADY GOING TO DO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.