Hearthstone kicks off its Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. on July 10


This summer, Hearthstone wants you to beat the heat. Not that it wants you to be cooled down, no, it literally wants you to beat the heat in the Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. starting on July 10th. See, you’re going up against Ragnaros the Firelord and his minions, which is about as literal a personification of heat as you can possibly get. But you also get new special quests for gold and card packs, so that’s motivation enough to take on the challenges.

Players will be tasked with clearing three special tavern brawls, one per week while the event runs until July 31st. There’s also a community goal to defeat a grand total of 25 million bosses in the Ragnaros challenges, with players unlocking card reveals along the way. If you can think of no finer use for your summer than slinging cards against fire monsters in order to get more cards, this is the event for you.