Black Desert addresses community requests as PC releases Altar of Blood and Xbox One adds Ninjas


In the wake of Black Desert’s Heidel Ball event last month, Pearl Abyss has dropped a set of player-submitted suggestions with dev answers to them, all focused on improving the game. There’s a lot to unpack here: The studio says it’s considering some additional character customization improvements, including hair but not face shapes; hiding sub-weapons is on the table; don’t expect changes to negative karma; new dream horses aren’t being developed; the Trade lifeskill is due for some love; and the studio’s looking at ways to bolster small guilds and tweak Node Wars, among a few dozen other topics.

Oh, and to be clear, there no plans for a male version of the Shai, so don’t get your hopes up there.

Live in the PC edition of BDO today is the promised Altar of Blood game mode, where the goal is for players to protect a relic from monsters through waves and waves of baddies on each stage.

Meanwhile, over in BDO’s Xbox One version, the Ninja class has been deployed. But you can’t see him because he’s a Ninja! Just kidding, you can.

Source: Press release, patch notes, dev blog
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