Final Fantasy XIV announces maintenance for its first noteworthy Shadowbringers patch

It's neverending.

Yes, it’s time for the first patch to Final Fantasy XIV since its most recent expansion, and… oh, stop staring in dumbfounded shock and murmuring that you still aren’t finished with the main story, it’s not like that. Patch 5.01 will be arriving on Tuesday, but according to the official schedule, that means just unveiling the Normal version of the Eden raid, so the first four tiers will be available for players to explore and fight through. According to the schedule announced during the game’s last Letter from the Producer, you won’t even get the weekly limited tomestones yet.

The maintenance itself kicks off on July 16th at 1:00 a.m. EDT, so depending on your play schedule, it’s quite possible you won’t actually be impacted much. Still, if you’re one of the people who has already plowed through the main story and have already gotten knee-deep in running the game’s current Expert rotation, this will be something new to do with some new gear to pursue.

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What makes this game so great is the *community*. People will have different opinions on the gameplay itself, whether they think it’s a generic game or whatever. Or it’s too slow. Or they don’t like story, etc. I don’t expect that much in terms of gameplay from an mmorpg. Quality design and solid systems is all. But most of all, from coming to FFXIV, I’ve realized how important the community is to an MMORPG.

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Java Jawa

Whaaa it just released outside of early access last week.


First 8man raid series usually opens up 2 weeks after the expansion launch.

Danny Smith

Boy am i interested in this raid as a fan of VIII. I wonder if Lunatic pandora or the Sorceresses will be involved.


I played the beta and liked it but didn’t end up subscribing. I wanted to give it another go by trying the free trial but it seems if you played the beta you can’t use the free trial. If I remember correctly the only thing I didn’t like was the short leash on the mobs, it made kitting a real pain.

David Harrison

I also played the beta back in the day many, many years ago, and didn’t like it.

Fast forward to a little over a month ago, and I decided to try it again. I picked up the insanely cheap starter package on my PS4 Pro, and got the Heavensward expansion for free as some special they were running at the time.



Seriously. This game is amazing. I’m still working my way through “A Realm Reborn” content (levels 1 to 50), and looking forward to diving in to the “Heavensward” expansion soon.


Personally I liked it, although the learning curve was a little TOO slow for ARR…most people consider the really interesting story to start with HW.
I will certainly agree that the story seriously picks up the pace and interest for me at HW.


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I played in beta also and picked it again about 3 weeks ago.

I’m glad you like it but to me the game is pretty much a generic mmo. The only thing it has is the Final Fantasy theme.

I attribute returning people liking it so much to the fact that there has not really been a good mmo made in years.

A mediocre mmo from years ago that most of us skipped is now a great mmo because the bar has been lowered so far.

Vincent Clark



Kiting is a desirable game mechanic?

IronSalamander8 .

I finally logged in last night after getting my account all straightened out; noted that half my MCH buttons were crossed out, redid my hotbars, and logged off as I have to get up at 5 for work and it was 10PM. XD

I’m still on stormblood so will be behind for a bit but looking forward to it. Still a keeper of the moon; may make a Viera alt, not sure if I want to fantasia again!