Project C updates pre-alpha testers on its summer plans, including creatures and contracts


We had a flurry of panic this week when checking in on Project C, but let me just soothe those worries right now: The game is still happening; Darewise just changed its Twitter handles, and it seems most of the studio’s communication – and there’s a lot of it! – is happening in the depths of Discord.

MMO players will recall that the open-world MMO is essentially a sandbox promising “meaningful persistency,” being built as a SpatialOS darling by Darewise, the same company that along with studio Nvizzio struggled to make the gorgeous space survival title ROKH a hit, suspending development on it just about a year ago.

Back in May, the Project C team put out a call for pre-alpha testers, and we haven’t heard much more since. But in Discord, the studio has said it’s begun that pre-alpha – in fact, four waves of invites have gone out now – and it’s working on a roadmap for development.

“We aren’t quite ready to release the full roadmap – there’s a few details we’d like to square away and we’ll do our best to not join the Soon™ development crew. So while we do get the roadmap ready for you, here’s a high-level look at what will be our focus for the near term:
– July: Animals will be an important addition to start making Corvus more of the living, breathing world we’re aspiring to build together with each of you. Part of that is starting to introduce the creatures you’ll encounter on your adventure on this new planet. They sure will leave you with some interesting choices and challenges.
– August: Contracts are going to be a vital system in Project C and it’s something to get going sooner than later. Trade among players, how you’ll interact with in-game currencies and even some of the internal systems that will make commerce work are intended to be some of our most innovative work.”

Darewise also notes that it’s still limiting invites to North American players in order to focus on one region at a time, although tes servers for Asia and Europe are on the way too.

Source: Discord
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