Atlas unveils work on Wild Pirate Encampments and a non-dedicated multiplayer mode


Judging by the sound of the most recent Captain’s Log update from the folks at Atlas, the idea behind Wild Pirate Encampments sounds a fair bit like Skeleton Forts in Sea of Thieves. But hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say, and these random spawns on the islands of the pirating world of Atlas aren’t exactly cookie-cutter.

For instance, a Wild Pirate Encampment (WPE) will have different levels in different regions that will be visible to players, representing an associated level of challenge and level of loot. They’ll also feature several unique defenses such as patrolling ships along with the expected cannon and turret defenses. They can even be found further inland at times, though obviously without any patrolling ships. Unless there’s a bug or something that makes land pirate ships a thing.

If players want to claim an island in Atlas, they’re going to need to clear these WPEs out, which pretty much works as one would expect by clearing out every baddie in the fort. Once the task is done, all structures in the WPE are transferred to the settlement owner and a loot box will spawn. Furthermore, a defeated WPE will never respawn again, though an Encampment that isn’t fully defeated can eventually work back to full strength.

In addition to these “wild” locations, the folks at Atlas are introducing a non-dedicated multiplayer mode that will let players host a server and be a client at the same time. This feature will let up to eight players hook up if one is more inclined to small-group multiplayer.

The devs expect non-dedicated multiplayer to go live sometime this week, while WPEs are set to enter a beta state at the end of the month. On the subject of release dates: Mega Update 3 is still in the works, but has no firm arrival to PTR or live servers, so maybe take those other release windows with a small grain of salt.


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These are welcomed updates, and a viable option for people who don’t want to deal with all the grief or pay all the money to host servers. I just hope they can focus more on the npc behavior, making them more realistic and interactive.


Atlas singleplayer is okay. It’s *completely* not even close to balanced though. Rain at see has a one in three chance of spawning a waterspout swarm, and they will RUIN you if you touch one. Tamed pet scaling seems to outright break if you try to increase the difficulty setting so that critters spawn at higher than level 30-something. And the ghost pirates (and their ships) are pretty clearly scaled to stomp full groups of players into goop.

There’s also issues with the NPC sailors, I’ve had about six just flat out vanish even though they had food and pay for days. Crossing a zone border with a shoulder pet *on your shoulder* seems to outright delete it. The taming system is an even bigger pain than Ark, since anything that doesn’t try to kill you on sight runs away when you attack it, and the bolas (which you use instead of tranquilizers) don’t last anywhere near long enough. Any pet worth catching will probably get eaten by wolves just as you’re about to finish taming it.

And of course there’s the fact that they pretty much dropped development on ARK so they could sneak nearly the whole team across to work on Atlas.

But if you’re okay with all that, and can get the game on huge discount, the singleplayer is okay. Can’t comment on the Official PVP servers, but they sound like online survival PVP. So… hacking, duping, griefing, and wall to wall jerks unless you pay to host your own private servers.