Caravan Stories delays its PlayStation 4 launch


You know what? We spoke too soon.

What looked like an imminent launch for the cute-looking but largely overlooked Caravan Stories is going to turn into a longer wait than expected. Originally, the fantasy title was slated to launch on the PlayStation 4 this July 23rd, but on Sunday the studio announced that it was delaying the open beta and release in order to put in some more work.

“We’re working hard to make your journey through Iyarr an amazing one, and we need some more time to polish up the game to make it the best that it can be,” Aiming said. “We’ll update you with the new release date and beta info as soon as we can.”

In the meanwhile, why not check out the visuals, details, and music from Caravan Stories on the official site?

Source: Twitter. Thanks Brown!

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I didn’t realise it before, until I went looking for an EU release date, that this is a port of a mobile game.

And, much to my annoyance, it isn’t being released in Europe, and the Mobile and PC versions won’t be getting the English language added to them.


Learning that it’s a port of a mobile game makes way more sense. The graphics looked pretty dated, like something that belonged on the last console generation.

Also, they definitely owe Blizzard some money for those orcs in the trailer.


Create an american psn account


Gotta polish up those microtransactions.