Chinese Final Fantasy XIV players are eating huge amounts of food to win… a fat chocobo

A bigger and blacker... oh, god, the jokes are really accidental.

So Final Fantasy XIV has added the Black Fat Chocobo to the game in various regions, and each region seems to be getting different promotions to acquire one. In the case of the United States, for example, it was just a cross-promotion with Amazon (something that has been done a few times before). But in China, players are being tasked with eating a family-sized meal intended for four just to get one code. And yes, you have to dine in to do this.

Players have understandably taken this as a particular challenge, with memes about various players “soloing” the challenge or treating the whole thing like a progression raid, talking about stacking the damage from burgers and pulling them apart, referring to the meal as KFC (Extreme) and stacking boxes to call it Heaven-on-High. It seems at least somewhat fitting that this particular promotion would require eating a whole lot of food for your fat chocobo. Become what you must, indeed. (And lest you take Square-Enix to task over this, recall that the game’s Chinese version is managed by Shanda Games, which is probably responsible for the terms of the promotion.)

Source: PC Gamer
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When you get to the bottom of that link it says per person. What is one person going to do with all that food, let alone 4 drinks.


At least this will put to rest the claim that games promote unhealthy habits and that gamers are overweight fast food fiends.


Tuor of Gondolin