Fan-built Fallout Online projects are happening in the classic game style

Hello and goodbye.

So, are you of the mind that Fallout 76 didn’t really capture what you wanted from an online game in the franchise’s universe? Perhaps you’d prefer taking a walk on the fan-game side? Yes, there’s a whole cottage industry of building new takes on the universe with a fan-made engine, FOnline, but it’s worth noting that this is not the 3-D games popularized with Fallout 3. No, this is the classic style of games, looking like nothing so much as the original Fallout and Fallout 2.

The games don’t quite play like the original games, however, so don’t go expecting the same strategic turn-based system in actual play. It’s always an open question as to whether or not fan projects like this will really manage to stand the test of time and avoid any legal threats from the owners, but for the time being you can check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming Fallout Online 3 project just below and marvel at the overall dedication. (Also it seems that legal threats are fairly unlikely given Bethesda’s track record, but that’s not the point.)

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This is the actual server:

aka the one being updated not abandoned and with people.

Next up : pservers for
Phantasy Star Online = Ephinea (vanilla)
Phantasy Star Universe = clementine (vanilla)

Sean Barfoot

I’m sure I messed around with one of these about 8 years ago.

Bruno Brito

Legal problems aside, seems way more interesting than F76.

Maxx Totten

Seems pretty arrogant calling it fallout 3 online. No title holder is gunna tolerate that. Using all the old assets too probably is not gunna fly. Showing the player die the second they walk out the vault is also not the greatest move. The fallout holotape vaultlad or whatever looks like it’s about as fun as this. They should have been smart, labeled a fallout inspired game, at least reskin the assets, and they’d have an actual game they can sell. Seems like lackluster attempt at getting donations. All I can think of is how bad an idea it is to call it fallout 3. It’s just a straight insult to the title holders and is likely, alone, to get it shut down


Those graphics are obviously ripped directly from the games, I don’t think I’d really dare to put any time into playing stuff like this. It basically will always on the knife edge of going kaput.

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Tobasco da Gama

OTOH, if the Fallout Online client requires the original game, they might be able to avoid some issues. I think that’s the legal dodge that a lot of similar projects use, including a lot of MMO emulators. It’s a shady gray area that I’m not sure would stand up in court, but it creates enough plausible deniability that even very litigious rights-holders like Disney (see: all those SWG emulators) have by and large ignored those projects so far.


There’s no problem. You are required to use your own copy of the game to provide graphics. At least that was the case the last time I played on one of these.