No, Ship of Heroes is not officially launching on July 4, 2020


Our inbox lit up this morning over a redname post on the Ship of Heroes forum that appeared to tell a player that Heroic Games might launch the game on July 4th, 2020 – bossman Casey McGeever’s birthday. The post included a few other surprising tidbits, like the note that the studio might be delaying the character creation test to August.

Now, Ship of Heroes runs a pretty tight ship (pun fully intended, sorry not sorry) when it comes to PR, so we immediately reached out to the studio to sort out whether that was an official announcement. And unfortunately, it’s not.

“No, we have not set a date for launch,” McGeever then followed up on the forums. “GladDog got a bit enthusiastic over a suggestion form this morning, not a date that we have actually set! […] At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 we will be taking a lot more community feedback into consideration, looking hard at the remaining technical issues and picking a date. We are not picking one now.”

As for the character creation test that was scheduled for this summer? A delay’s not set in stone in either.

“We need to see how the CCT Beta goes, and how much work we are going to do as a result of it. Then we need to see how the invasion Beta does, and again, what do we need to do to have that in place. In that same time frame we need to complete and assign quite a few animations to powers and create quite a few missions.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Apparition!
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GladDog refers to the team as “they” rather than “we” so maybe the reason his name is red is due to the number of posts?