The Lahn arrives in Black Desert Mobile’s Korean edition

Why fix issues when we could double down?

The mobile version of Black Desert Online, appropriately dubbed Black Desert Mobile so you know exactly what you’re getting, is not quite up to the same variety of classes as the desktop version of the game. But it’s getting closer, and the addition of the new Lahn class brings it one step closer to parity. Now you can play a Lahn in either version of the game!

Of course, the games aren’t quite the same as one another, so you shouldn’t expect the Lahn to play identically, but the sizzle trailer for the new class below serves to remind you that the heart is the same and the class focuses on dealing nasty area damage along with high mobility. Also, the class really hates if you try to run away on a beach at sunset. That’s not really an ability, but it’s how things are.

Of course, this is still the Korean version of the game we’re talking about here. BDO Mobile is still slated for launch here in the west later this year.

Source: MMO Culture
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