Blade & Soul is open for esport championship registration through July 26

Someone's dropping a hit single.

If you want to prove yourself the absolute best player in Blade & Soul, your chance to prove it is now. Player registrations are open for North American and European players to compete for a chance to take on the world at the championship games in Korea, so get two equally skilled friends and register! Or don’t register because you don’t think that you need to prove anything, but then this whole state of affairs is fairly irrelevant to you.

Players will each need to register one specific character at level 55 or above, along with specifying the names of teammates on the registration form; that part is important, since if your friend registers a different character you could wind up disqualified. The early matches will play out in a three-player team version of Shackled Isle, with 10 teams competing to see which one is the last one standing after all the spell effects and weapon slashes. Check out the full rundown if you’re still interested in fighting for supremacy.


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It’s actually pretty cool. But obviously, teams competing last year will have a leg up. If you got skill, it may be your time to shine. There are some really good teams out there though.