Medieval fantasy sandbox Seconds from Silence will start taking alpha signups on July 19


When we last reported on the in-development sandbox MMORPG Seconds from Silence, we weren’t exactly sure how far along things were progressing for the game. It would appear that things are moving on quite well, or at least well enough that the devs will soon be ready to accept signups for its first alpha.

Those who have registered to the game’s official website will get to add their name to the hat on Friday, July 19th, to enter the first Seconds from Silence alpha test. Alpha testing will be done in waves, though the size of wave one and how many waves will be added after aren’t yet known. As for a testing schedule, all that’s known is that alpha testing is expected to start sometime in August.

The scope of testing for Seconds from Silence is being broken up into “Four Pillar Testing,” which includes tests for Character Creation, Combat, Building, and Ruling. Interested registrants can sign themselves up to be added to any number of these focus groups, and will even get a forum and in-game title based on the Pillar they sign up for.


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Hope the name isn’t indicative of this game’s lifespan.