Star Trek Online’s newest batch of ships include Romulan and Dominion offerings

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If you ever feel like stirring the pot over in the Star Trek Online community, just point out that one of the game’s playable factions is getting preferential treatment over the others. This has been a sore spot among players, including Romulans who haven’t seen any new ships released for their side for over a year now.

That situation has changed, thanks to the news that there is an “Allied Cooperative Starship Development Board” working to create a batch of new ships for the game. The new ships will include offerings for the Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Jem’Hadar factions, thanks to cooperative efforts between all sides (and a vested interest by Cryptic to make everyone happy).

Players are also being tempted to buy a real Tribble toy in order to gain a special Black Alert Tribble pet in the game. This special Tribble, when petted, will give players a boost to their run speed and maximum health. Also, it serves as great Klingon repellent.
Source: Star Trek Online. Thanks Panagiotis!
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Daniel Reasor

If nothing else, it’s tempting to interpret this as a sign that the game’s focus on Discovery-inspired content (being the source of the Romulan drought) is winding down, and some other new content might be coming.

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So has hyper inflation set into the economy yet

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Richard de Leon III

I honestly like the new bundle, and even better the rommy one can be used by all factions now and the dominion doesnt have to do t6 mastery to unlock for everyone ether. IMHO, well worth the price of 6400 zen since you can claim em on each alt unlike lockbox ships.

I frankly LOVE the romulan ship.

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On a related note, imo the Legacy of Romulus was their best expansion by far. Further, I know not all players were crazy about first officer Tovan Khev, but I still think the Romulan-exclusive story arc is far superior to the early-mid Federation arc which over the years has become something of a cobbled together Frankenstein’s monster hot mess, especially with the shoehorning in of all the Discovery stuff.


Cryptic should restore Marvel Heroes. The company is exceptionally good with handling smaller online (A)RPGS.


I’m not sure how they could. The license was held by a different company, the assets were apparently already sold to help offset Gazillion’s debts. And then there’s the legal ball of snakes that is the customer / player database.

At the moment, Cryptic is juggling three games already. Neverwinter, which is basically a mobile game cash shop which allows you to occasionally stab orcs. Star Trek Online, which is either okay or totally horrible depending on your tolerance for the omni-present loot boxes, the fact that cash shop ships are better than freely earnable ones and loot box ships are better than the store ships. And Champions, which up until recently was so deeply in maintenance mode that a few people had jokingly assumed it took so little resources to keep running that Cryptic had literally forgotten it was still there.

I don’t personally see anything in Cryptic’s history that shows them being good at Marvel Heros style games… well, at all. But I’ve probably missed something.

Castagere Shaikura

More cash shop ships


Also they are being described as a type of temporal warship