Torchlight Frontiers’ huge Beast Buddies patch is delayed to next week


When we look at how Echtra Games creates and celebrates huge patches for Torchlight Frontiers while that MMO is still in alpha testing, we get a bit excited for how the live game might operate. Case in point, the studio is going bananas over its incoming Beast Buddies patch (which was supposed to go out today but has been delayed until next week due to a discovered issue).

Echtra said that Update 7 contains the “biggest set of changes” for the alpha game yet. The patch adds new new pets (the wolf and dragonling), pet skills, and rescuable pets that can reside in your fort. Additionally, the update revamps the relic system, adds gobling frontier quests, opens up an early version of Torchlight Frontiers’ cash shop, overhauls the character creation system, tosses in a friends list, and makes tons of quality-of-life improvements. Testers also will discover that their skills have been reset to try out different builds. Heck, reading the patch notes might take a full week, so best get crackin’!

The devs announced on Twitter that they will be tossing out “a rather large wave of invites” in the week following the patch’s release, so sign up for a key today if you want to get in on the alpha fun.

Source: Patch notes
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Wake me up when they finally add feline pets!


I’ll keep an eye out for it but I’ve given up hope of getting an invite for it.