Torchlight II’s console preorders begin today – check out the goofy new trailer


There are few games that break my “no preorders” rule, but the Torchlight franchise is one of them. So it’s lucky for me that I already own Torchlight II and don’t need to buy it on console, as preorders for the game’s Xbox One and PS4 edition – announced at E3 – are officially open today. Oh, it’s coming to the Switch too? It’s just not preorderable there yet? Dangit. This is how they get ya!

You’ll be paying $19.99 – the original non-preorder price from back in the day, if memory serves me – for these versions of the game plus the device-exclusive pets. As PWE’s presser notes, the console versions will have “enhanced controls, an improved targeting system and a new interface designed specifically with console gamers in mind” along with “updated achievements and trophies to earn through gameplay” and local wireless multiplayer for Switch-goers.

There’s a new promotional trailer too. Gotta love a 2012 game with a new trailer! These launches are still slated for September 3rd. ZERKIN shall live again!

Source: Press release

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Castagere Shaikura

Way too many great PC mods to play this on a console.

Axetwin .

Was there a big market for a console port of this 7 year old game?