Albion Online looks over the past year of development and improvements


The second anniversary of Albion Online has arrived, and… well, that in and of itself is significant, that’s two years’ worth of updates. The game has even started its celebration of that milestone by looking back over the past year of updates to the game, marking numerous improvements and changes including factional warfare, dynamic dungeon spawns, and lest we forget the transition to free-to-play which took place earlier this year. In short, it’s been… a lot of stuff.

That stuff hasn’t even abated recently; the just-launched Percival update brought with it more customization option for player characters and even prompted a closer look at the game from our own writers (as well as a headlining podcast spot; good on you, Albion Online). There’s a road forward, but for now, enjoy a look back over the game’s annual history and check it out tonight when we stream the anniversary with MJ. You can also apparently pick up the soundtrack in a variety of formats, so you can listen to the sounds of the game throughout the day.


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I gave this game a shot fully expecting to just hop in for a day or 2 to check it out and then never look back since I’m not a big PvP person. 2 weeks later and I’m still playing and enjoying myself.

It really helps that it’s cross platform with android which allows me to play despite a sleeping (hopefully) baby keeping me in rocking chairs/recliners.