Co-op action RPG Killsquad is in early access and already topping Steam’s sale list


OARPG fans, it’s been a good week for you, and it’s gotten even better with the release of Killsquad. It’s a co-op action RPG that just hit early access and has already rocketed to the top of Steam’s global top seller list. Bounty hunter fans, this one’s right up your alley.

“Killsquad’s quick session-based gameplay means action is fast and intense as players overcome various obstacles in the course of their mission and quest for that big payday. Players can select one of four different heroes to play, each of which has their own distinct capabilities based on their class: Assassin, Warrior, Specialist or Support. These classes have plenty of skill and upgradeable gear options to completely customize the chosen character down to its appearance. Killsquad introduces a live contract system which players can undertake in real time with other hunters. These contracts allow other players in the Killsquad community to drop in and ride shotgun, enjoying the same experience and grabbing a share of the mission’s rewards.”

Console launch is planned for next year, with new content, including new heroes and planets, coming up between now and then. It’s currently $19.99 on Steam.

Source: Press release, Steam. Cheers, Pasha!
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