Fortnite patches in a new shotgun, floating islands, and a birthday event

Celebration of whatever.

If you’re following the Save the World portion of Fortnite’s latest patch notes, you’ll see that there’s a second birthday celebration running for the game in the patch, complete with a birthday-themed skin and quests. If you’re more interested in the Battle Royale portion, of course, what’s front and center is new tactical shotgun. No time for looking back over a year and contemplating when you can shotgun things right in the face. There are also new tournaments for the game, including one just for Xbox One players.

Obviously, there’s more to the patch than just “here’s a shotgun, here’s a birthday outfit, have fun.” Notably, the “deep dab” emote has been nerfed; apparently, while it was intended as a fun trick, people were exploiting to avoid being shot and to sneak up on enemies. Cue people complaining that they bought the emote specifically to exploit with it and now want a refund.

There are also numerous bug fixes across the game modes, for example, and the Creative mode gets access to new floating islands along with more triggers and balls. You can place balls for players to kick around. That’s a thing. Check out the full set of patch notes to pick apart all the things added with this latest update.