Join the MMO blogging scene with Blaugust 2019


For a few years now, the advent of August doesn’t just mean hot weather and a countdown to school days: It also means that Blaugust is back. Blaugust is an annual festival of blogging created by MMORPG blogger Belghast, who has taken it upon himself to rally and encourage writers to get their thoughts out for everyone to enjoy. This month-long event is designed to get people writing regularly while providing mentorship, writing prompts, and a sense of community.

“Several years back I had this idea of challenging other bloggers to do a full month without missing a post,” Belghast wrote. “However over time that has morphed and mutated and taken on other festivals that are no longer running to turn into what was Blaugust Reborn last year a sort of one-size-fits-all festival for blogging and all serialized content.”

It’s pretty fun, and Bree suggested we mention it here because many of the writers here at MOP originally got our start writing our own MMO blogs, and we love finding cool MMO community posts to promote in our Global Chat column. So it’s like creating a portfolio! If you’re interested in participating in Blaugust 2019 or following the growing group of writers, head on over to the site for the schedule, Discord info, sign up forms, and a list of oh-so-delightful rewards.

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I’m jumping in on this! I’ve been wanting to get into blogging/vlogging for a while now. I’ve written so many scripts for videos and outlines for blogs and didn’t follow through with anything. This may be the kick in the bud I need.


Verrrry much looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing, and I hope anyone reading who has even thought about blogging gives serious considering to jumping in now!

There will be a lot of help around, and a great community to jump start any new joiners. :)

Mia DeSanzo

I will be getting in on that Blaugust goodness.