Meadow developer Might & Delight announces a new unnamed online RPG


Last year, I hopped on our podcast to talk about an obscure but long-running and adorable MMO: Meadow. It’s one of those games that leans more on the social space side of MMOs, as it’s not the kind of place where you go to craft or fight mobs. In fact, you are yourself a mob, as you enter the game as a sweet little woodland creature, wander and explore the game world to unlock other animal skins, and communicate with fellow critters using representative glyphs and emotes rather than common chat. It’s peaceful and weird and lovely, and it’s all part of a long lineage of similar online titles under the Shelter banner from developer Might & Delight.

But the studio’s next thing might not hew to the company’s traditional themes. As MOP reader Agemyth noticed, last week Might & Delight told Meadow fans that it’s been working on a new project for the last two years. The devs haven’t even released a name; they’re just calling it “a completely new online RPG” where the players are known as Travellers. Indeed, the official website’s splash page appears to show a group of human characters traveling down a road. Age points out that this particular game seems to be a deviation from the Shelter/Meadow setting and might just mark a shift for the company into slightly more popular genres.

Signups for more info are also up on the new site, so naturally I signed up, and today the devs dropped some additional images there to go with the one on Twitter.

It’s one to watch!

Here’s the original Meadow trailer from a few years back for anyone curious.

Source: Steam, official site – many thanks to Agemyth!
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Jason Boo

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Marty Woods

I’ve played the first shelter , its a lovely little game .


The new game seems to be using one of their own unique graphical styles like most of their games do. While their other stuff hasn’t been very mainstream, it’s been very unique and interesting to take part in. So yeah I can’t wait to see what the new game will be, even if it’s with smelly humans instead of animals!


Hyped for this after playing Meadow.

They’re revealing the name and more info in September from an email I got today.