Neverwinter’s Summer Festival launches tomorrow – bring your swimsuit and get ready to ride a snail

Black Desert isn’t the only MMORPG bringing the summer fun with a themed event this month: Neverwinter is launching its own Summer Festival tomorrowday and running it straight on through August 8th.

“The Summer Festival returns to Neverwinter! Gather under the sun to celebrate Sune, the goddess of beauty with events and rewards to satisfy your water balloon, flower-gathering and chicken-chasing needs. Also returning this year is the wonderful team-based game of Sahha, a ticket exchange with great rewards, and relaxing looks to bask in the summer weather. It’s never winter during the Summer Festival!”

Players will be fighting trolls, herding animals, picking flowers, crafting summer snacks, and hopping into the water battle arena in the hopes of earning one of the new snail mounts, summer outfits, or even a water horse.