Persistent world VR MMO Neon Exile is slated for Steam early access this summer


So here’s a brand-new MMO we’d never heard of until today, thanks to its feature on the SpatialOS blog: It’s called Neon Exile, and Vancouver-based developer Mythical City calls it a “persistent VR MMO set in an open world” with an emphasis on player agency and storytelling that could potentially scale to “support hundreds or thousands of players,” and naturally, it’s built with Unity and SpatialOS.

“Build, fight, explore and push back against a robotic threat in an open-world persistent MMO created from the ground up for VR. This is the world of Neon Exile, a world where your actions matter, because anything you build, craft or even drop will persist in a single multiplayer instance of this groundbreaking dystopian world. […] Neon Exile lets players create their own stories by giving them the freedom to pursue the goals that are important to them. Unlike most games in the VR space, players’ actions have long-term impact, because everything they do matters in the persistent world. They are free to jump in at any time and explore the world, build massive structures, or seek out fast-paced action.”

Early access on Steam, characterized as a “slice of the game to showcase the mechanics, multiplayer systems and a taste of the environment,” is expected later this summer, but of course, it’s going to require a VR headset to see it.


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John Mclain

Cool, VR definitely needs a “good” mmo for it. The current ones look worse than a N64 game. (I know VR is insanely demanding, but damnit I have a 2080ti, I can do better than N64 graphics.)


I hear you, but I’m not sure I’d call this one better than N64 graphics…


Yea this is basically why I’ve put VR on hold at this stage. I’m impressed by and like the technology. It’s unique and offers a different way of playing games while offering new experiences and sensations I can’t get from a standard seated keyboard/monitor setup.

However I’m at the point I’d rather wait for better/newer technology with better/newer graphics and we’re just not quite there yet. I’ve seen a few examples there, but they’re prohibitively expensive at this stage.