Sea of Thieves patches in Black Powder Runs with its latest update


Sometimes a ship’s cargo can be theoretically volatile, but the treasures unearthed in the new content for Sea of Thieves are very literally volatile. Players are tasked with taking on a hunt for gunpowder kegs in the new Black Powder Runs, risking both interference from pirate skeletons and from other players with a cargo that has a tendency to, well… explode. You can get a full rundown of how the runs will go in the video below, which explains how you can hunt down these kegs and turn them in for reputation after a successful voyage.

Of course, players will have more in the update than just some combustible runs. A number of balance changes have been made for the game’s existing content, along with multiple bug fixes to improve performance and stability. Add in some accessibility and quality-of-life improvements and there’s plenty to like even aside from the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing an enemy player on a run for explosive kegs before popping a cannon shot right into the cargo hold and watching the ensuing blast.