Star Citizen opens Patch 3.6 public testing to all backers and seeks feedback on quantum travel issues


Testing for the latest Star Citizen content update has made it next logical step forward as the game’s PTS will now let backers of all tiers in to the new build and kick its tires, though testers might want to first pay close attention to quantum travel and note what they see.

Features in this build include the much-ballyhooed law system, more work on the delightful hover mode, and some new hardware to tool around in. If you’ve never entered the Star Citizen PTS before, one rather helpful citizen has offered up some assistance.

Of course, the PTS is intended for testing and feedback, and one form of feedback being sought by the devs is related to problems with quantum travel. According to one particularly liked reply, it appears quantum travel has a number of issues including quick travel VFX problems, having to reset a destination after multiple jumps or interdiction, and a host of HUD complaints.

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