Fallout 76 promises quick fixes for the latest patch’s bugs ahead of Meat Week

Cool, we'll meet the meat.

So, the latest patch for Fallout 76 was… well, let’s just charitably say that it had some major issues and leave it at that. Fortunately enough for players, Bethesda is well aware of the issues and has already pledged to quickly hotfix several bugs. The first should fix Legendary creatures not dropping Legendary loot, while the team is looking into other creature issues and addressing missing pieces of power armor for various players. So, in short, everything is being investigated and there is no hard timetable on fixes beyond “soon.”

Hopefully you can be distracted from that with a promise of Meat Week, a new event asking players to hunt down some meat for Grahm the cook as well as helping to maintain the general barbecue area (difficult when Grahm is an unsafe cook in every way, shape, and form). Players can get themed rewards, caps, and scrips for taking part, so if your mood isn’t soured by patch bugs it may well be fun to play when the event arrives.

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Bruno Brito

Man, there are more promises about F76 than players.

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They had me at meeaat weeeek ^_^