PlanetSide 2 discusses the incoming DX11 PS4 update, the Mentor system on PTS, and a new social hub


A couple of days ago, the developers of PlanetSide 2 offered up a livestream that ran down some of the most recent matters for the MMOFPS, including new word on the DirectX 11 update for the game’s PS4 version, the game’s new Mentoring system, and an all-new Sanctuary social hub for players to hang out in should they feel the need to not snipe at one another.

With regards to the latest PS4 update, the devs have stated that it’s very close to release — very possibly as close as next week — with team working hard to ensure that its first submission of the update to Sony will pass muster. Reportedly, this new update will have a significant boost to the console edition of the game, with faster loading times, swifter redeploy times, smoother frames, and a jump to around 50 FPS under moderate load, which will either make you happy or make you scoff as you sip brandy from an RGB-backlit decanter built from the shell of an old SDD.

Next on the docket is the new Mentor system, which looks to be an expansion of the game’s Mentor Squads. Veterans can now earn themselves Mentor Ribbons for helping lead new players below Battle Rank 30 in their Mentor Squad. This also ties in to a point system that decays over time, which hopefully will incentivize those vets to keep up their onboarding work. New players, meanwhile, will be defaulted to a new player chat. The Mentor system is currently live on the game’s PTS.

Finally, the devs took a walk through the in-development new Sanctuary social hub. All three factions and NSO will be able to walk freely in Sanctuary, which is broken up into several wings. There are even plans to have vendors in Sanctuary, along with rare vendors on the occasion. One rather helpful redditor has gathered up a livestream summary with all of the details.

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Jack Pipsam

It’s nice that the PS4 version hasn’t been totally ignored.

Dankey Kang

Very curious to see what the plan is with this new social hub ‘Sanctuary’. Sanctuary allows players from all four factions to socialise together which will serve as a nice place to relax in downtime; (shopkeepers, NPC’s, lore and all that jazz) but I feel like they aren’t just doing this on a whim, there may be some shift from the FPS side more to the MMO side which I’m not sure how to feel about.

As for PS:A, time is running out for the seemingly tentative summer release. A small dream for myself and many community members is if they would intergrate PS:A and PS2 into a single game and have Sanctuary serve as the hub for game modes, but I seriously doubt that would ever happen. One thing is for sure though, strange things are afoot at DBG.