Aion news: Mobile gets XP gifting, EU previews the Painter for 7.0, NA celebrates summer


Welcome to a big chunky bundle of Aion news! The mobile and PC versions of the game all look to be extremely busy recently; here’s what’s happening for the NA, EU, and Aion: Legions of War.

First, the mobile title: Players can now ask their guildmates to help them level up by way of an XP gifting mechanic. The patch notes aren’t exactly lucid on just how that works, but if you’re in a guild in Aion: Legions of War, then that’s a thing that can be done. Additionally, in-app purchases can now grant guild gifts to a player’s guild, and there have been a number of improvements and bug fixes.

For EU players, it’s the final countdown to 7.0 at long last, and the devs have posted one last preview before the update. This one provides a nod to the Painter specialization for the Artist class and challenges level 80 players to band together to take on the Stella Development Laboratory.

Finally, NA players of Aion are getting a summer celebration. Players can head over to the Daeva and Beach Bar at every capital city and in Lakrum to drink down some cocktails that boost healing, mana regen, and DP regen, and they can also hack away at Ice Blocks with Ice Picks, both of which drop from monsters in certain instances. Doing so will grant players free thematic lock boxes full of rewards. The event runs until August 7th.

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