Astellia Online details the mechanics for its Avalon battlefield

Love is a battlefield, as is this.

One of the big centerpieces of Astellia Online’s next beta test is the Avalon battlefield, and it’s a bit part of how the game is meant to work. But it’s not simply a straightforward PvP affair, nor is it limited to simple matches that just reset over time. Instead, players who enter the battlefield are randomly assigned one of the three factions of Avalon (Physe, Ceres, or Eos) and tasked with building up that faction and demolishing the others by capturing towers, killing monsters, killing guards, and taking down enemy players.

A given battle for Avalon will last for a week’s time, with player contributions reset at the end of the week and resulting in currency rewards. There are also quests to take on while you’re in the battlefield and special rewards for the faction that earns the most points in a given cycle, with players who contribute more getting more currency and even more going to participants on the winning side. Check out the full rundown to get an idea of how the three-way war and its random factions will work in play.

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