Astellia Online’s second closed beta test slated to begin on July 30


Last month, self-proclaimed “Classical MMORPG” Astellia Onlinewhich our own Eliot Lefebvre deemed “acceptable” — hosted its first closed beta test, which focused on testing dungeons, PvE progression, and server performance, and now the devs have announced the dates for the game’s second CBT, which will begin Tuesday, July 30th, and run for a week until Tuesday, August 6th. This time around, players will be able to test their mettle against their fellow adventurers in the Avalon PvPvE battleground and check out the cash shop — oh boy!

The biggest new feature up for testing in the second test is of course the aforementioned Avalon battleground, which allows players to join one of three competing factions and “engage in battle with other Astellians, participate in PvE quests, and capture strongholds and other strategic areas on the map.” Players will also be able to peruse the cash shop and loyalty-reward systems to check out the changes that have been made for the game’s Western release.

In addition, the devs have made some tweaks to the mana and progression systems in light of feedback following the first test. Although it’s unclear what exactly the changes entail, the devs say they “adjust aspects of mana regeneration, progression rates, and early dungeon difficulty.” Players can see the changes firsthand during the first two days of the second testing phase when it begins in a couple of weeks, but for now, you can get the full details about the upcoming test over on the game’s official site.

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