Astroneer honors the Apollo landing with the new Lunar update


It was a giant leap for mankind when Neil Armstrong took his first steps onto the surface of the moon in 1969. It seems only appropriate that Astroneer, a game in no small part invigorated by the memory of that race to the stars, is honoring the mission with the addition of the landing module on the moon Desolo. Players who take a trip to the module can unlock a special visor, palette, and over an hour of recorded audio from the Apollo 11 mission that landed on the moon in the real world.

The landing module will also take photos of players in the style of the camera mounted on the lunar lander as an extra nod to the history of space travel. There’s more in the update, of course, including new forms of storage platform, but the centerpiece is a chance to look back on these steps into the great unknown… something that is understandably near and dear to the hearts of the developers and, presumably, the players.

Source: System Era Softworks press release

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Time to go exploring!

(Also, for anyone logging in to the game for this, make sure to also grab the sunrise/sunset color/visor themes. Those, too, are around until the end of August.)


I think that little video is just about perfect. ^-^